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obdii adaptors

obdii adaptors
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all kinds of obdii, obdi adaptors, auto cables for different car brands.

0-1 OBDII Male Connector Core C1-01 0-2 OBDII Male(12V) Connector Core C1-02 0-3 OBDII Male(24V) Connector Core C1-03 0-4 OBDII Male Connector Core(For PSA) C1-04 0-5 OBDII Female Connector Core C1-05 0-6 "OBDII Female Connector Core(With lock tap)" C1-06 0-7 OBDII Female Connector Core(White) C1-07 0-8 "OBDII Female Connector Core(With notch)" C1-08 

 d1 DB9 Male Connector Core C1-d1 d2 DB15 Male Connector Core C1-d2 d3 DB25 Male Connector Core C1-d3 D4 DB26 Male Connector Core C1-d4 d5 DB62 Male Connector Core C1-d5d6 B9 Female Connector Core C1-d6d7 DB15 Female Connector Core C1-d7d8 DB25 FemaleConnector Core C1-d8d9 DB26 Female Connector Core C1-d9d10 DB62 Female Connector Core C1-d10C1-B1 BMW20Pin Male Connector Core C1-B1C1 Chrysler 6Pin Male Connector Core C1-C1D1 Deutsch 6Pin Male Connector C1-D1D2 Deutsch 9Pin Male Connector C1-D2D3 Deutsch 6Pin Female Connector C1-D3D4 Deutsch 9Pin Female Connector C1-D4F1 Ford 7Pin Male Connector Core C1-F1G1 GM 12Pin Male Connector Core C1-G1H1 Honda 3Pin Male Connector Core C1-H1K1 Kia 20Pin Male Connector Core C1-K1M1 MB 14Pin Male Connector Core C1-M1 M2 MB 38Pin Male Connector Core C1-M2 M3 Mitsubishi 12Pin Female Connector Core C1-M3 N1 Nissan 14Pin Male Connector Core C1-N1 O1 Opel 10Pin Male Connector Core C1-O1 P1 PSA 30Pin Female Connector Core C1-P1 R1 Renault 12Pin Male Connector Core C1-R1 T1 Toyota 17Pin Male Connector Core C1-T1 T16 Toyota 22Pin to OBDII Female C2-T16    0-1 OBDII Male to Open C2-01 0-2 OBDII Male(12V) to Open C2-02 0-3 OBDII Male(24V) to Open C2-03 0-4 OBDII Male(Right-angled) to Open C2-04 0-5 OBDII Male to OBDII Female C2-05 0-6 OBDII Male to 2* OBDII Female C2-06 0-7 OBDII Male to 3* OBDII Female C2-070-8 OBDII Male(12V) to OBDII Female C2-080-9 OBDII Male(24V) to OBDII Female C2-090-10 OBDII Male(Right-angled) to OBDII Female C2-100-11 OBDII Male to OBDII Female & 2Pin C2-11C2-d1 OBDII Male to DB9 C2-d1C2-d2 OBDII Male(12V) to DB9 "C2-d2"d3 OBDII Male(24V) to DB9 C2-d3d4 OBDII Male(VAG) to DB9 C2-d4d5 OBDII Male to DB15 C2-d5d6 OBDII Male(12V) to DB15 C2-d6d7 OBDII Male(24V) to DB15 C2-d7d8 OBDII Male to DB25 C2-d8d9 OBDII Male(12V) to DB25 C2-d9d10 OBDII Male(24V) to DB25 C2-d10d11 OBDII Male to DB26 C2-d11d12 OBDII Male(12V) to DB26 C2-d12d13 OBDII Male(24V) to DB26 C2-d13d14 OBDII Male to DB62 C2-d14d15 OBDII Male(12V) to DB62 C2-d15d16 OBDII Male(24V) to DB62 C2-d16d17 OBDII Female to Open C2-d17d18 OBDII Female to DB9 C2-d18d19 OBDII Female to DB15 C2-d19d20 OBDII Female to DB25 C2-d20d21 OBDII Female to DB26 C2-d21d22 OBDII Female to DB62 C2-d22d23 OBDII Female(With latching notch) to DB9 C2-d23d24 OBDII Female(With latching notch) to DB15 C2-d24d25 OBDII Female(With latching notch) to DB25 C2-d25d26 OBDII Female(With latching notch) to DB26 C2-d26d27 OBDII Female(With latching notch) to DB62 C2-d27C2-A1 Audi2*2 to OBDII Female C2-A1B1 BMW 20Pin Male to Open C2-B1B2 BMW 20Pin Male to OBDII Female C2-B2B3 BMW 20Pin Male(Short) to OBDII Female C2-B3B4 BMW 20Pin Male to DB9 C2-B4B5 BMW 20Pin Male to DB15 C2-B5B6 BMW 20Pin Male to DB25 C2-B6B7 BMW 20Pin Male to DB26 C2-B7B8 BMW 20Pin Male to DB62 C2-B8 C1 Chrysler 6Pin Male to Open C2-C1"C2" Chrysler 7Pin Male to OBDII Female C2-C2C3 Chrysler 7Pin Male to DB9 C2-C3C4 Chrysler 7Pin Male to DB15 C2-C4C5 Chrysler 7Pin Male to DB25 C2-C5C6 Chrysler 7Pin Male to DB26 C2-C6C7 Chrysler 7Pin Male to DB62 C2-C7 F1 Fiat 3Pin Male to Open C2-F1F2 Fiat 3Pin to OBDII Female C2-F2F3 Fiat 3Pin Male to DB9 C2-F3F4 Fiat 3Pin Male to DB15 C2-F4F5 Fiat 3Pin Male to DB25 C2-F5F6 Fiat 3Pin Male to DB26 C2-F6F7 Fiat 3Pin Male to DB62 C2-F7F8 Fiat 3Pin Male & Battery Clamp to DB9 Female C2-F8F9 Ford 7Pin Male to Open C2-F9

obdii adaptors

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